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Why Solo Ads?

Best solo ads are scalable, fast and effective! In essence, it's targeted PPC (Pay Per Click) traffic, but different from the usual self-serving platforms like facebook ads and google and solo ads are better in 3 ways

Pre-Warmed Leads

The best solo ad leads are sent to you and are ready to buy, they are emotionally engaged to your offer.

Science has proven that people make buying decisions based on their emotions, then justify with their logic, Science says this is true 100%

Most leads you get from other PPC sources are sceptical and unsure.

Solo ad leads are very emotionally engaged and this makes them the perfect fit for anyone who's looking to make sales

You Get To Work Directly With Me

I have years of experience in the best solo ads and have mastered traffic and conversions, I understand that when buying traffic your looking for results and the best PPC traffic available.
You'll fall in love with my solo ads when you see the traffic opting in to your landing/squeeze pages, opening your emails and clicking your links and most importantly making purchases, you will experience first hand just how well this traffic performs and it's the best value for money out there.

Instant Results

The other pay per click sources are slow, endless hoops you need to jump through and can take weeks or days before your offer even gets listed on their network, then you'll need approval too.
With me you don't need to worry about that, I want YOU to get FAST results and I'll be able to get you setup and traffic running within 24-48 hours and traffic flowing.

What You Need To Make Solo Ads Work For You

1) You Need A​​​​ Landing​​/​Optin/Squeeze Page

>> You NEED to send all your traffic to an optin page, this is the first step.
>> The whole idea of solo ads traffic is to generate great quality leads that you can capture and followup with an effective email series. 
>> Too many people focus on the Front End Sale, They don't build their list and this money is getting wasted! Your leads are your equity and the backbone of your business.

2) Your Offer/Product

>> So you've captured the what? You need to send your leads/prospects to what you promised them. Maybe be a sales video, sales letter/page, free training, sign up to a webinar etc..

>> Don't forget to make sure you send a welcome email, introduce yourself and connect with your leads, they need to know you and trust you before they'll spend their money with you.

3) Your Email Follow-ups Are Always Key To Closing More Sales

>> An effective email follow-up series is the most important part of your funnel process… Alot of people, including yourself, probably never buy anything on the first visit, right?

Just think when you were first starting out, did you buy into the first and every offer you saw?

I’m sure the answer is NO... But with an effective email followup series, you can keep following up with your leads until they buy your main offer, then continue to market more offers or products to them

4) Any Advertising Is A Numbers Game

>> This is Marketing & Advertising = Numbers Game: So keep building your lists, keep promoting your offers, don’t give up … If you thought this is as easy as finding an offer, sending a few hundred clicks and you make a living! You are WRONG! You are doing this wrong and you will waste a lot of money … Building a Real Online Business requires dedication and hard work, and following up with your business leads.

Are You Ready For The Best Solo Ads and Some Great TRAFFIC?

Testimonials From My Clients Below...

Mitch Sheean

"Over 60% Optin, plus sales!"

"Made sales and  great optin rate!"

Mike Marino


Step 1

You Place Your Order For However Many Clicks You Want

Step 2

After Payment You'll Be Taken To A Form To Fill in Your Url/Link Details

Select your package below!

Step 3

We Receive Your Order and Plug You Into Our Proven To Convert Campaigns, You Get An Email Within 24 - 48 Hours With A Detailed Live Click Stats, Showing Your Clicks Being Sent To Your Link

More Awesome Benefits!

Real Human Traffic

The most superior and responsive IM/MMO traffic available in the industry.

Real Time Stats

I provide a tracking link with every campaign. The tracking system will allow you to track the clicks of your campaign.

Fresh Prospects

I always quality control my lists of prospects. I keep them fresh and responsive and add hundreds of new subscribers to my list everyday, keeping it fresh with subscribers who are looking for IM & MMO offers to subscribe to and buy every single day!

Fast Service

I work hard to get your campaign up and running as quickly as possible. I also provide fast customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Is this a "buyers list"?

We do our absolute best to provide the highest quality traffic with buyers included in each of our mailings. Most are subscribers and it will be up to you to turn them into sales.

 When Will The Traffic Start?

Once the order is confirmed, your solo ad usually starts within 72 hours. Most of the time traffic will starts within 24 to 36 hours

 Will you deliver all the clicks order?

Absolutely! I will make sure I deliver over and above what you order by 1-10%

 What niches can I use for your traffic?

At this time I'm primarily focused on serving the Internet Marketing, Make Money Online, MLM and Business Opportunity markets.

 Do You Offer Any Guarantees?

YES! I can guarantee you that I'll deliver your purchased clicks/traffic, I also guarantee that it will be 100% real traffic (no fake clicks or bots), I have systems and blocking in place to deliver clean bot-free traffic, I never guarantee results like conversions or sales because I dont know how each lead will react to your offer

 Can I request a refund?

Once the traffic has started or solo ad is delivered, I CANNOT refund. Because the traffic would have turn into leads and even sales for you by the time it is delivered.

 Do you have an affiliate program?

No sorry we don't

 How do I track my order?

You can use your tracker or mine. If you don't have one I can supply you with a tracking link at no extra charge.

 How often can I re-order?

I add at least 500-1000 fresh new subscribers everyday, so you can order everyday if you like, your offer will always be seen by fresh eyes.

 What tier is your traffic?

Our traffic is 85%-90% Tier 1 traffic.

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